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Three of The Top Ranked Restaurants In Mobile Alabama

Driving through Mobile AL, you half expect to find just about every hidden gem of a restaurant that you could possibly imagine. And, that’s driving on the interstate folks. Just think about how you will feel cruising through the city itself. Are you ready for some barbecue? Are you ready for some country southern cooking? How about that soul food? In just a minute, you are going to be introduced to three great restaurants that you are going to want to be sure to visit.

I can’t fit all of Mobile’s best restaurants into one short article, but I can definitely throw a few good names out there. Kitchen on George is one of those top establishments, and it is located on George Street, go figure, right? Do you think that is where it got its name? Of course it is, and duck confit spring rolls are just part of what is on the menu highlights for this establishment. You can also enjoy shrimp and grits, other seafood items and more.

The next restaurant I’m going to tell you about in Mobile, Alabama is called The Royal Scam. Now that is an interesting name for a top ranked establishment. It is located on South Royal Street, and it is known for its steak sandwiches, crab cakes, fish tacos, gumbo and more. One reviewer says the staff is amazing, so it seems like you are in for a great time when visiting this Mobile AL restaurant.

We have time for one more establishment, and it is going to be Brick Pit. Now if you are driving along and see this place, you can instantly tell it is a good spot for barbecue in Mobile. Now you have the name, so is it a guaranteed stop? It would be if it were me driving around in that city. It is up to you where you end up eating, but these are three of Mobile’s best restaurants.