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Plan A Visit To These Three Restaurants In Mobile Alabama

Mobile AL is a city I have reviewed restaurants in before, and I mean mouth watering restaurants folks. I see names like Brick Pit and Meat Boss, and I know I’m in for some good food in the heart of Alabama. It’s southern cooking, and that’s exactly what you get when you go to the third restaurant I picked out for you, too, Mary’s Southern Cooking. It is time for me to tell you about these three great restaurants in Mobile, Alabama.

Meat Boss is on Cottage Hill Road. The first thing I noticed about this establishment is the picture of the brisket sandwich posted on a top travel site. It is enormous, and it looks absolutely delicious. The second thing I noticed was in the menu highlights, Asian slaw, which also sounds absolutely delicious. They have different bun choices as well, and smoked chicken is another one of the favorites off of the menu according to reviewers.

Just the name Brick Pit takes me back to barbecue experiences I’ve had and know that this place serves up some delicious grub. Located on Old Shell Road, Brick Pit serves up a good rib plate according to the menu highlights. That seems to be a favorite of the reviewers, as well as pudding, pulled pork and more. Brick Pit is definitely a top spot in Mobile to get some barbecue.

Now the first two restaurants were barbecue spots, which of course Mobile is known for. But Mobile is known for more than just barbecue. The city is known for southern cooking as mentioned earlier, and Mary’s Southern Cooking is a good example. It is on Spring Hill Avenue, and by southern cooking, I also mean soul food, too. This is your chance to try collard greens made with bacon, and you won’t be disappointed.