About us

Started just as other content publishing houses did, a small blog not taken too seriously until the traffic demanded more attention than the single handed starters had to leave everything else and develop further. The defining attribute we possess is the objective to please the readers who are at the same wavelength as us in terms of passion for technology.

Instead of forcing the regular news they are fed with by other mainstream media, the content we focus on is developed from countless hours of research into events and developments that stand as milestones in time to the way we live with technology.

With that philosophy, it is common to find the readers huddled around a central article expressing their opinions freely and interacting with the writers and other staff members in efforts to make clear the new technology and concepts.

The open minded team of editors and writers behind the content will always stand committed to the facets that hold the company together, those of community based growth and shareable progress that starts with deciding which story to follow.

It is through sticking to such values and ideas that the company has grown beyond the wildest hopes of its founders.